Jumaat, 20 April 2012

dear friends~

There are too many beautiful girls.
So do handsome guys.
Precisely, we are a part of them.
YOU are one of them.
To all my girl-friends,
just be who you really are.
you are beautiful,
just the way you are.
There’s no point of
being somebody for someone.
Because among that handsome guys,
One(only one) of them is meant for you.
Just put your faith in HIM.
HE is the best DECIDER.

For time being,
Just improve ourselves.
Drain our efforts as much as possible.
To cater our obligations,
toward ALLAH. and the rest(pihak yang berwajib).

3 ulasan:

  1. ateh..!!!
    comey sgt..^^

    salam juang fillah dr kjauhan.

  2. neklong,
    tengok anak usrah sapa.hehe
    takde la.neklong pnya lagi comey.